JUST IN: Teachers Laud GES for Introducing Toll Free Numbers and Short Codes to Solve Staff Grievances

Teachers and other administrative Staff of the Ghana Education Service (GES)  have lauded the idea of their employer to introduce Toll Free Numbers and Short Codes to Solve Staff Grievances.

The teachers believed the idea will help solve the problems associated with travelling for very long distances to help solve their grievances.

The teachers acknowledged the idea and have shown their willingness to support the idea when it starts this month.

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In an Exclusive Interview with EducationGhana’s Ellis Ferdinand , the teachers lamented that though the idea was a good one,they were in doubt if it shall be well implemented.

According to the teachers, the doubted the possibility of the GES to respond and act appropriately to grievances being raised by teachers .

The teachers said though they might have sent their grievances via short codes, the GES might not be able to respond to their grievances appropriatesly .

Citing reasons to back their claims, the teachers said ,currently ,where they use the face to face contacts to tell their grievances ,they still do not have any accurate responses .

In addition,they felt the short code might have just being a ‘white elephant’ whose purpose might not be easily ascertained.

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The teachers suggested the GES should get competent and trustworthy employees who will be able to handle the services appropriately.

They also called on the management of the GES to use thie service to rebrand their integrity which has been far lost in the eye of the Ghanaian teacher.

About the Short codes

A one day workshop has been held on Friday at the Coconut Groove Hotel to train staff from selected Divisions and Units

from the  Ministry of Education (MoE) and Ghana Education Service(GES) on Grievances Redress Mechanisms.

Under the Grievance Redress Mechanism, there would be a provision of public toll free numbers and short codes for the general public to either call or text the Ministry or GES to address their issues for them.

These issues may range from free Senior High School, postings and transfers, recruitment or even on issues on salaries.

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Source: EducationGhana.net

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