JUST IN: ”Refund all Printing Fees Collected from Pupils for Third Term Exams” – GES


Headteachers in all Public Basic Schools have been directed to refund printing fees collected from Pupils for the conduct of the Third Term Exams

This directive came from a meeting between the National Executives of Conference of Heads of Basic Schools (COHBS),

Conference of Directors of Education (CODE)  and the Dep. Dir. General in charge of Management Services: Lawyer Anthony Boateng.

The GES said it has gathered reports of some heads who have started collecting the printing fee.

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However,the GES said if any head collected money from either a parent or a pupil for the purpose of this term examination, the head should refund it immediately.

The GES threatened that any head who takes money from either parents or pupils for this term’s exams should refund the money or get punished.

The meeting further stated that  No school should refuse to write this term’s exams with the pretence of not having financial support.

Conduct of Exams

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has ordered all Public Basic Schools to contact printers

in their localities to print their examination papers for them on credit while waiting for the BASED GRANT to settle such payments.

The meeting also decided that teachers should be task to set the questions and mark n the papers.

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It however threatened that headteachers should desist from buying exam papers from outside the schools.

”Headteachers found guilty of such acts shall be duly punished” The meeting indicated.

”Meanwhile, No head should expect official correspondence from the GES Headquarters before complying to the directives” The meeting indicated.

Source: EducationGhana.net


  1. Every child and learner is mentally sick or deficient like a patient in a hospital.
    Which of these needs much prioritisation?
    If I’m not treated, I die alone.
    If I’m not properly taught, I infest many.
    Education is everything.

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