JUST IN: NPP Gov’t employed 67,000 teachers, paid 92% of Legacy Salary Arrears – Akuffo Addo

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The President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Akuffo Addo has said his government has employed sixty-seven thousand (67,000) teachers, since its election into office in 2016 December 7.

The President added that his government cleared 92% of teachers’ legacy arrears that was accrued from the previous government.

The President made this remarks as part of his achievements as President since 2017, during his final State of the Nation Address held at the Parliament House on Thursday,February 20, 2020.

Speaking on more achievements in Education, the President said his government had paid tier-2 pension funds of teachers, cleared the three-year backlog of non-promotion of teachers, abandoned the three-month pay policy his government had inherited for newly-recruited teachers

Research Allowances

Nana Addo also said his government has restored the research and book allowances that were cancelled by the previous government and has also agreed to grant teachers a professional allowance.

Promotion Policy

The President added, that his government introduced a new promotion policy for teachers, which was announced and conducted recently and has been well received by teachers.

”This government is determined to restore dignity to the teaching profession. We want the teachers to accept that they hold our destinies in their hands.” He said.

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Pre – Tertiary Education Bill

Speaking on the controversial Pre-Tertiary Education Bill, the President said the Pre-Tertiary Education Bill, currently before Parliament, defines the priorities. Basic education has been redefined to include Senior High School, and this covers vocational, agricultural and technical schools.

The emphasis according to him, is aggressively to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education across all levels of the education system.

”I am aware that some of the Teacher Unions have concerns over the proposed legislation. I would like to add my voice to that of Parliament in encouraging the Unions to deepen their engagement with the Ministry of Education in order to find a consensus that will enable the Bill to go forward in peace.’  He emphasised.

Mathematics Education

Nana Addo said it was a Manifesto commitment to leverage technology to popularise the teaching and learning of Mathematics.

He indicated, It was with an eye to the future that his government decided to demystify mathematics, and make Ghana a mathematics-friendly country.

”We need more engineering and technically minded people to be able to transform the economy. I am glad to report that Ghana’s teachers are supportive of the many changes that are being introduced to make these hopes a reality.” He said.

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Free SHS

President Akuffo Addo said , despite the continuing hostility of a few about the merits of the Free Senior High School policy, he was glad to note that it has been widely accepted by the overwhelming majority of Ghanaians.

”Yes, we still have some difficulties with infrastructure deficits, which are being vigorously addressed with the construction of nine hundred and sixty-two (962) facilities – dormitories, dining halls, assembly halls and classroom blocks, together with the provision of mono desks and beds – but the argument about the importance of ensuring that all Ghana’s children get a secondary school education is irresistible.” He said.

”In the best of worlds, the conversation should move on to the fastest way to provide laboratories and workshops, to make all Ghana’s children ICT competent. The conversation should move on to how quickly we can transform our children into technically-minded and mathematics loving students.” He said.

”This Government is trying to move the conversation to Technical, Vocational and Education Training (TVET) becoming the instinctive choice for children at school. We are moving the conversation to ensuring that, when an institution is designated as a technical institution, it delivers technical courses. And, just in case I need to remind anyone, TVET has always been part of Free SHS, or, if you prefer, call it Free TVET.” He indicated.

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Sports In Schools

According to the President, ten (10) Youth and Sports Centres of Excellence, are being constructed across ten regions of the country at Wa, Dormaa, Dunkwa-on-Offin, Ho, Koforidua, Nyinahin, Yendi, Navrongo, Axim and Kaneshie to harness and develop the entrepreneurial abilities and sporting talents of the youth.

”All ten (10) will be completed this year, and the six (6) newly created regions will also be provided with the same facilities from this year. Each centre will have a counselling centre (for entrepreneurship development), a conference centre, an ICT centre, a restaurant, hostel facility and offices, a FIFA standard football pitch, an 8-lane athletics track, tennis courts, multi-purpose courts for basketball, handball, tennis, volleyball and other sporting disciplines, and a gymnasium.” He said.

”We are making sure there will be room for the future Alice Anums, Mike Aheys, Baba Yaras to develop their skills. We want to make sure that, when children turn on the television to watch sporting programmes, they will be able to find, on the field and tracks, Ghanaians competing at the highest levels.” He concluded.

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