JUST IN: NDC to cancel Mandatory National Service, Licensure Exams for Colleges of Education after 2020

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has said it shall cancel the Mandatory National Service for Colleges of Education.

The party has also said it shall allow trainees from the Colleges of Education to get posted to the various Public Basic Schools after completition of their 4-Year Bachelor of Education Courses.

Mr. George Bright Anni Bansah, the Hohoe Constituency Chaiman of the NDC made this revelation at the Speaking at

the 4th Annual week celebration of the St. Teresa’s College of Education’s Students Representative Council.

The Constituency Chaiman indicated, the main opposition party shall not force trainees from the Colleges of Education to undergothe Mandatory National Service.

However,he added,trainees shall be allowed to undergo off-campus teaching practice during their final year.

”An NDC government shall cancell the Mandatory National Service for all trainees in the various Colleges of Education” He said.

In his quest to defend his position,he questioned the decision of government to ask trainees to undergo the Mandatory National Service.

He further probed government’s decision to ignore the fact that trainees do undergo Off-Campus Teaching Practice which is part of their course outline.

He therefore emphasised ,taht an NDC government ,when voted into power in 2020 shall

abolish the Mandatory National Service for Colleges of Education.

Posting of Trainees

Speaking on the posting of trainees after their course of study,the NDC Chairman said the party shall continue to post trainees to public basic schools.

”Since the trainees qualified for postings,and NDC government shall not deny them of the opportunity” He said.

Licensure Examination

On matters with regards to licensure examination,the NDC Chairman said the examination shall not be written in isolation.

He further said,that the examination shall be written when trainees are about writing their final papers.

This he believes shall save cost and time of the trainees during the licensure examination.

Early Childhood Education

Mr. George Bright Anni Bansah said government should pay more attention to Early Childhood Education.

He further added,that government should provide the necessary logistics for Colleges of Education to be able to teach the course very well.

However,he told the students to also give much cognisance to the course of study.


The Chairman could not hesitate to advice the ladies to be self disciplined,citing their positions as teachers of change.

A description he believes should motivate modern day female teachers.

”There is no room for indiscipline in our societies” He lamented.

Source: EducationGhana.net


  1. I agree to the fact that , the licensure exams should be written together with the final year exams. NDC now has a message that the various students in Education might buy.

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