JUST IN: Antwi Karikari, TTA Expelled Indefinitely from TTAG over alleged Sabotage and Breach of Constitution

A former Public Relations Manager (PRM) of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG), Antwi Karikari Patrick has been expelled indefinitely from taking part in discourse or representing the image of the Association on any platform.

The former PRM, who doubles as a former Vice President of the Eastern and Greater Accra Sector (EGA) of the Association has been expelled together with all Members, and or individuals who associated themselves with the Advocacy group, Teachers and Trainees Advocacy (TTA).

The young and vibrant former PRM is the Lead Convener of the Advocacy group TTA.

The Advocacy group TTA and its members have also been informed to disassociate themselves from anything relating to the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana until further notice.

This decision was taken at the 24th Annual General Assembly of the Association, held at the Fosu College of Education,Assin Fosu in the Central Region on the dawn of Sunday April 28,2019.

The voting process though by voice, saw the whole house voting in support of the motion.

Meanwhile, the vote was nullified and recast  after a table motion was filed raising the fact that observers might have taken part in the vote which is unconstitutional.

This led to the recast of the vote which saw only delegates taking part in the vote ,a situation that saw no change in the decision of all delegates to expel  the former   self -acclaimed‘TTAG COMMANDANT’’.

Why He,TTA  and Its Associates were Expelled

Antwi Karikari  Patrick  was expelled because the General Assembly (GA)determined that he was acting in  a way contrary to the interest of the Association.

According to the GA, Karikari took part in meetings with the Minister of Education, Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh where the Leadership of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana were present.

In such a meeting,Mr. Karikari was said to have acted against the interest  of the Association and rather teamed up with the minister against TTAG.

This meeting includes; decisions on teacher trainees taking part in National Service before postings of which  the lead convener of the TTA took a sole decision to sign documents of proof on behalf of Teacher Trainees which rather turned to favor the government instead of the ordinary teacher trainee.

Meanwhile,the President of TTAG who happens to be the sole spokesperson of teacher trainees in Ghana,Mr. Anthony Dadzie ignored signing the document stating that it was against the decision of the trainees.

Antwi Karikari was also accused of using the media, including electronic and social media to speak in favor of the Ministry of Education against the decisions of the Association.

According to the General Assembly, it is not against the activities of the advocacy group TTA and cannot stop its activities but cautioned the group to disassociate itself from speaking on issues concerning the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana.

According to the General Assembly, some members of the advocacy group were affiliated to political parties of which Facebook posts during the NSS brouhaha saw some members of the advocacy group TTA spotted at NPP events.

An October 31,2018 Facebook Post by one Ekow Djan,a former deputy secretary of the Association reads;

‘’At this moment of struggle, the Government planted guys are smiling after such a distasteful meeting.But in any case, in what capacity, can the MoE PRO say our number is too huge and so just a few should attend the said meeting?Who are those teachers who have been on the field for years to represent the aggrieved Newly trained teacher whom the Government has denied posting?The Ministry has failed. We have no business with NSS either. Presidency is our next stop. If it fails also, the court of public opinion would be our best judge.Above all, commend Anthony Dadzie. His thinking ability is real and genuine!Note that No concrete decision taken yet! Earlier directive still holds. No registration of NSS. A ploy to deliberately deny postings.’’

An Ex-Official Member and current Patron of the Ashanti and Brong Ahafo (ASHBA) sector of the Association , Mr. Thomas Akwasi Amponsah made this post during the October 2018 NSS brouhaha ,commenting on Ekow Djan’s Post

‘’Hmmm I have been having a disturbing mind on what is going on. Who is leading who and who is been lead at crucial moment? Sense voices become senseless when they too many in the ears of the listener. There is no need to be gain said that partisan politics has crept its way into students activism. Yes it may be true that some crop of persons are projecting their political party agenda at this moment. Are some also not taking huge advantage at this crucial moment to castigate their political opponents? The only and valid voice trainees MUST hear is the voice of the leadership. Hon. Dadzie Anthony streamline things for trainees at this moment. #When TTAG was TTAG’’


Though there has been no allegations against the lead convener of the group exposing his political affiliations, members of the group were seen in such posts.

Breach of Constitution

According to the General Assembly, the advocacy group TTA was not an affiliate of TTAG but if considered so then was a breach of the ARTICLE 6 Clause 11 of the Association’s Constitution ,which indicates in sub-section ‘’b’’ of the same clause that ;

“Congress, General Assembly or NEC may accept affiliation status of other institutions, provided that the aims and objectives of such institutions conform to the aims and objectives of TTAG’

In view of the above mentioned allegations, the group and its conveners were expelled from speaking for and on issues affecting teacher trainees, in the name or purpose of speaking for the trainees.

Meanwhile, the group is allowed to speak on issues relating to teachers since it was part of its mandate.

According to ARTICLE 35 of the TTAG Constitution, which talked about the Breach of the Constitution, it indicates that;

‘’The Judicial Committee or National Executive Council or General Assembly shall determine any act of Breach of the Constitution ,and may thus issue appropriate sanctions .However, the decisions of Congress on such matters shall be supreme’’.

Meanwhile the constitution requirements could only be applicable when the advocacy group is part of the Association as an affiliate and or plans to affiliate itself with the association.

Source: EducationGhjana.net

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