Implementing CCP Curriculum not Possible this Academic Year – Ellis Ferdinand


EducationGhana, May 22, CCP Curriculum: Ghanaian Education Blogger and Practicing Curricularist, Ellis Ferdinand has said that it was not possible to implement the Common Core Program (CCP) Curriculum during the 2021 Academic year.

Ferdinand, who was speaking on the need for the government to give priority to the implementation of educational policies, argued that the CCP Curriculum and the Standard-Based Curriculum, though very well crafted policies, were not being well implemented by the Ghana Education Service.

Allocation of Teachers to SHS 1

Ferdinand indicated that one major challenge being faced by the implementation of the Common Core Program (CCP) Curriculum is the allocation of teachers to teach at SHS 1.

According to him, the CCP Curriculum which is expected to be implemented from JHS 1to SHS 1 has similar subjects of study for these four-year levels.

He added, that the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) could not realize earlier the need to allocate teachers to the SHS 1 to teach the same subjects that shall be taught through JHS 1 to SHS1.

Ferdinand indicated, that the GES in its earlier reports said emphatically that teachers at the Senior High School Level should be strictly trained in the Senior High School Curriculum, hence teachers with Basic Education Ceryyificates who teach at the SHS should be returned to teach at the Basic Schools.

That decision n has made the SHS strictly specialized teachers, who may not be able to teach subjects in the CCP Curriculum that are not related to the previous SHS Curriculum.

”Subjects such as Carrer Technology, and other new subjects that are basically being taught at the JHS level may not be easily implemented by an SHS teacher who has been specialized in only Accounting, Core Mathematics, or Science.

Ferdinand suggested the NaCCA and GES shall not implement the CCP Curriculum until they found amicable solutions to the allocation of teachers to SHS 1.

Training Delays


Again, Ferdinand said the continuous delay in the training of the teachers at the JHS and SHS levels for the implementation of the CCP Curriculum shall be a contributing factor to the delay in the implementation of the CCP Curriculum.

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Poor Planning

Another factor being raised by Ellis Ferdinand for the possible postponement of the implementation of the CCP Curriculum is the poor planning of the implementation by the Ghana Education Service (GES).

He indicated that the GES’s rush in the implementation of the Standard-Based Curriculum without proper planning was the same challenge as the CCP Curriculum.

He believes that these and many other factors shall call for the postponement of the implementation of the CCP Curriculum to the 2022 Academic if and only if there shall be lasting solutions to the above factors before the next Academic year.

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