Implementation of New Standard-Based Curriculum rushed; should be revisited – GNACOPS


The Executive Director of the Ghana National Council of Private Schools (GNACOPS) , Enoch Kwesi Gyetuah has said that the implementation of the New Standard-Based Curriculum (SBC) during the 2018/19 Academic Year was rushed and should be revisited.

According to him, the Ghana Education Service rushed the implementation of the New Standard-Based Curriculum during the 2018/19 academic year, citing the facts that private needed to put in extra efforts for their master trainers to be trained.

He made this revelation in a discussion hosted by  Ellis Ferdinand, on Summer Radio on Saturday, December 19, 2020 in Accra.

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Parameters for His Argument

According to the GNACOPS boss, he was using the Covid-19 pandemic as his major parameter for his argument on the implementation challenges of the New Standard-Based Curriculum for Kindergarten and Primary Schools.

According to him, with reference to the front matters or rationale for the introduction of the SBC, it has been geared towards the third face learning which was more of attainment focus which drives towards behavioural enhancement.


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According to him, the third face learning which was targeting the behavioural enhancement was expected to be 50/50 process, giving the opportunity to the child to attain 50% classroom learning and 50% out of the classroom.

Using the pandemic period, Enoch indicated, that the government shut down the schools, which means that should the understanding of the SBC be well implemented, the focus should have not been a shut down of schools, but rather the use of the other 50% attainment focus which should be outside the classroom.

He added, that the actual understanding of the behavioural enhancement of the SBC was not done, of which teachers still use only the first face of the learning process which deals with pencil and paper means of assessment.


Achievement of Core Competencies

Enoch indicated, that for the achievement of the core competencies of the  SBC which included critical thinking, he was surprised to realize that teachers could not apply their critical thinking skills to attain the core competencies during the  Covid-19 pandemic.

He thereby indicated, that the curriculum training and implementation was not successful and should be revisited.


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He added, that with the SBC,  assessment is basically targeted towards observation of learners, of which that has not been the case during the implementation process.

He said, that the implementation process saw only paper and pencil assessment procedures which was in line with the old objective-based curriculum.

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