How to Make the Most of Your Membership with the NAGRAT AUTO Scheme


    EducationGhana| September 27| How to Make the Most of Your Membership with the NAGRAT AUTO Scheme

    Every Teacher Union has a welfare scheme to help its members. With this Article, Elli Ferdinand took a critical look at the National Association of Ghaja Auto Scheme.

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    What is the NAGRAT AUTO SCHEME?

    The scheme was instituted in the year 2007. The NAGRAT Auto Scheme is designed to help teachers procure means of transport at an easy and affordable rate.

    So far the scheme has been able to provide 1200 vehicles of different varieties to teachers in the country.

    The scheme is highly subsidized by the government of Ghana in the form of import duty exemption for all cars brought into the country, through NAGRAT, for teachers.

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    The support of the government is justified by the desire to retain teachers through some different incentive packages which include the provision of vehicles to ease the transport need of teachers and the provision of housing schemes to ease the accommodation needs of teachers.

    Unfortunately, the government could not wholly fund these programs for teachers and therefore saw a proposal submitted to President Kuffour’s NPP government as welcoming news.

    Though the idea was that of NAGRAT, the government extended the approval to cover members of UTAG and GNAT. As originators of the idea, we have been more successful in the provision of cars to teachers.

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    The Scheme Entails The Following:

    A loan has been contracted from a bank for each individual member of the scheme at a competitive rate payable within 5years. Vehicles are imported by CIF Tema and cleared by NAGRAT under the temporary tax exemption from the government of Ghana and in the name of the individual teachers.

    Vehicles are registered in the joint name of the teacher and the bank. Thus the vehicle is being used as collateral.

    Vehicles are comprehensively insured by NAGRAT on behalf of beneficiaries. Comprehensive insurance is renewed every year by NAGRAT and certificates are forwarded to members. STC valuation certificate is done for members to enable them to apply for vehicle maintenance allowances.

    Members are now made to pay a deposit to support the scheme as the original loan contracted for the scheme could not at a point support the changing cost of vehicles in the international market, the uncontrollable depreciation of the Ghana Cedi against other currencies and the increase in other port handling charges.

    There is no specific time frame for the supply of cars. Cars are supplied to qualified applicants on a first come first served basis.

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    How To qualify for the NAGRAT AUTO SCHEME

        • One must be a member of NAGRAT
        • One must complete an application form.
        • The deduction should commence by the controller and Accountant General’s Department
        • Upon picking the vehicle one must pay the stipulated ‘TOP-UP’.
        • A member in difficulty in regard to payment of top-up can contact the welfare chairman of NFL for assistance.
        • The scheme started with the importation of vehicles such as Toyota, Nissan, VW, Honda, Opel, Ford and others. However, the scheme runs into difficulties as regards the above cars, most of which came from the US and Europe, as regards cost. Currently, cars provided include; Daewoo, Kia, Hyundai, and Mazda.
        • Cars are mainly saloon cars, with engine capacity not above 1.8cc, not more Than 10 years.

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        • What To Do In Times Of Accident With Car

      1. All accidents are by law supposed to be reported to the police. In case of fire, the fire service should be invited to provide a fire report.
      1. One must immediately contact the nearest branch of the insurance company for forms to complete.
      1. Do not attempt maintenance before reporting to your insurer. You do not necessarily need a police report to be indemnified by the insurers unless your insurer is in doubt.
      1. Your insurer is obliged to pay whether you are right or wrong unless there is evidence of intentional damage or intent of fraud or any action based on illegalities which are not purely accidental. Try and take a photograph of the accident as evidence.

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