Educlass: How to help Children develop Interest in Learning Mathematics


Over the years, there has been this general misconception that mathematics is difficult. Some claim, working with numbers makes it difficult. Some too just also accepted that it’s difficult because other people say so. Some people also claimed that some mathematical concepts are irrelevant in real life or at the workplace.

The truth is that Mathematics is the most interesting subject because everything we do in our daily lives involves mathematics but Interestingly, a lot of us became maths phobia because of our teachers. And this his how teachers can help their learners to develop an interest in learning mathematics.

-Let the child know the reason why it is important for him/her to learn mathematics and every mathematical concept you teach.

-Consistently encourage the child and do well to clear the misconception that Mathematics is difficult. You can do it before every maths lesson.

  • Create a connection between mathematical concepts and real-life situations. Everyday activities involved in mathematics.

-Connect Mathematical concepts with other subjects of interest to the child. Eg Music and Creative Arts and English.

-Avoid consoling the Child. Eg. “I know maths is difficult but you just try ok.” “Myself I find it difficult doing mathematics but I’m just trying ” It’s not motivating.

-Avoid leaving learners in suspense. Eg. Telling learners that when they go to the next class, they would understand or when they grow, they would understand. It’s the most unprofessional thing to tell a student.

-Whatever concept you want to teach, make sure you master it yourself and be on top of issues. If you master a concept, it helps you to choose appropriate method, and material and you would also be able to teach confidently.

-Choose Activity/Learner Centered methods for teaching. Your method should be level and age-appropriate and must be thoroughly planned out.

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-Select appropriate teaching and learning materials that match with the method of teaching and it should be adequate and appropriate for the lesson. Rehearsal of how to use the materials ahead of time is key.

-Avoid intimidating the children that ask difficult questions and stop beating, insulting and embarrassing the ones that are finding it difficult to understand the concept. Maybe your method is not going well or your language is above their level or they just need a little more practice.

-Mathematics doesn’t go well with cane or punishment. If you do that, some of the children will hate you the human being and hate the subject in addition.

  • Give opportunity to learners to practice every day and encourage them to do it on their own. Always let your Mathematics lessons be memorable. Maths is life and a lifestyle. Live it well.


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