How Important is the CPD Point-Based System to Teachers in Ghana

20 continuous Top 4 Free NTC Digital Literacy Courses for Teachers in Ghana for CPD Points HOW
Top 4 Free NTC Digital Literacy Courses for Teachers in Ghana for CPD Points

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What is Teachers’ Continuous Professional Development?

Teacher Professional Development (PD) is a systematic and sustained process by which teachers maintain, improve and expand their professional knowledge, values, experiences, and skills and their application to real life.

Required activities that involve the development of teacher qualities required to carry out their professional and technical duties during their teaching career. a training and education program organized within or outside the school environment which NTC approves as being relevant to the teaching profession and meet prescribed standards.

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The Continuous Professional Development Framework outlined certain activities that every teacher in the pre-tertiary schools must undertake to be able to accrue points as part of their Professional Development to be able to renew their Teaching Licenses.


The Pre-tertiary Teacher Professional Development and Management (PTPDM) policy outlines the importance of PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT for teachers.


The policy emphasizes a competency-based approach that requires regular In-Service Education and Training (INSET) to develop teachers’ capacities.

According to the policy, teachers will be assessed based on defined competencies and
evidence of professional proficiency.

It is therefore the responsibility of individual teachers in Ghana to select, undertake and document relevant PD activities they partake in for the purposes of growing through the profession to maintain their professional status.

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Any PD activity undertaken that is not listed as indicated, should be referred to the Governing Board of the National Teaching Council for approval.

Teacher training logbooks have been developed to document teachers’ training records and related PD credit points.

Where the means of documenting the activities are no immediately available or there is no designated person to verify the activities, it is the responsibility of the teacher to save evidence (E.g., registration, certificate, and attendance records) of the activities for submission at the appropriate time and place as may be directed by NTC.

In addition to the PD programs attended, teachers are required to upload their portfolio records onto the PD portal for onward assessment by Portfolio Assessors.


The point-gaining activities are grouped into two broad categories of which teachers are expected to partake in both activities within three years before they can be qualified to renew their licenses.

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Relevance of Point-Based System

1. Renewal of License

The license of every teacher shall be renewed every three (3) years. To retain the license, an individual teacher must earn the stipulated minimum credit points of the current rank within three (3) years prior to the license renewal date.

However, teachers are required to meet one-third of their training points in a year
to determine their professional standing status for a particular year.

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2. Criteria for Selection

Teachers are advised to continue to participate in PD programmes after earning the minimum credit points.

This will help them to be abreast of current trends in education and also have comparative
the advantage over colleagues should it come to selection for the Ghana Teacher Prize award and any other selection processes where PD points can be used as a determiner.

In addition, teachers who fail to obtain the minimum PD points in the third year of the current rank shall not be recommended to renew their teaching license and would therefore not be recognized as a teacher of good professional standing.

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Any teacher whose license is not renewed for failure to achieve the minimum number of PD points and feels unfairly treated may appeal the decision in accordance with the provisions of the NTC regulations.

Focus of PD

For the content of a PD to be acceptable to NTC, it must be drawn from the list of training needs and related subject matters that enhance the pedagogical skills of the teacher

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