How 22-year-old SHS graduate escaped from the hands of suspected ritual murderers

A twenty-two year old senior high school graduate, Eunice, has narrated how she narrowly escaped from the hands of suspected ritual murderers.

Narrating her ordeal exclusively on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm, Eunice disclosed that she was kidnapped in their house in the Brong Ahafo region two weeks ago.

Detailing how the incident occurred, Eunice said she was washing on the day of the incident and her parents had asked her to prepare them breakfast before leaving for a funeral in another town.

According to her, after the parents had left, she heard a knock on their gate and when she went to open the gate, she saw a lady who claimed she had come from SOS and was seeking for assistance from households to assist orphans.

Eunice told the host the lady requested her to donate clothes she was no longer using so she could hand them over to deprived children.

Eunice then went back to her room, gathered some few clothes and packaged them in a polythene bag and handed them over to the lady.

After she [lady] was handed over the clothes, the woman then asked Eunice to donate money to help her take care of the orphans under her care.

Unknown to Eunice, there were other two young men onboard a red car which was parked in front of her gate.

She said she felt someone covering her nose with a handkerchief; an act that made her fell unconscious.

Eunice said she realized she had been kidnapped by the woman and her two male accomplices.

On their way, Eunice could only hear the voices of her kidnappers and as they approached a police barrier, the lady told his other colleagues that ‘’we are approaching a police barrier so we have to do something about her. They then moved me into the car boot.

Whilst in the car boot, I became a bit conscious. I then realized my sister had sent me a strong worded message slamming me and asking why I had left home. She asked if I wanted my father dead. I was also receiving calls but could not also respond to them as well as the messages because I was not fully conscious. I attempted replying my sister’s message. However, the message went to my father. The kidnappers came back, injected me with a substance and took the phone away from me.’’

Eunice said the kidnappers after collecting the phone her started sending counter messages to her father to confuse him but he had already called her sister, a police officer to report the incident to her.

The victim [Eunice] said she discovered she had been taken to a location where she heard a voice telling the kidnappers she was unclean and could not be used for the rituals.

At this point, Eunice who could hear the voices but could not see where she was or the people involved heard one of the men shout ‘’take her back, she is unclean and cannot be used’’.

Her kidnappers then left her in a bush and threw her phone, money and the clothes she gave to the lady back at her and said, ‘’the man said you are clean and so we believe that because you are clean, anything from you is also unclean.’’

Eunice said she was left in the bush and was told to find her way back home.

She later saw a woman carrying firewood and she asked where she was, she was told Osino.

According to Eunice, she did not see the woman but later, the kidnappers came back accusing her of informing her father whom they suspected to be a police officer about the kidnapping and so they wanted to take me back home.

This led to a misunderstanding between them. The lady wanted them to take me back where they kidnapped me but her accomplices disagreed since such an attempt could lead to their arrest. They later agreed to drop me at a different location. So I gave them a direction to my father’s church but before they took me there, they injected me with a substance which doctors confirmed of being cocaine.’’

Eunice said after she was dropped at her the premises of her father’s church at Nkawkaw, the kidnappers drove off.

She was later found by her parents and was sent to the hospital where she was treated.

Eunice in responding to a question on whether she could recognise the location she was taken to had this to say ‘’I would not be able to recognise the location or the people involved’’.



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