Government of Italy Bachelors, Masters, PhD Scholarships 2019/2020 for Students with International Protection

The Italian Ministry of Interior offers scholarships for the A.Y. 2017/18 to refugee students or with international protection.

Application Deadline: 15th July 2019

To be taken at (country): Italy

Type: Bachelors, Masters, PhD

Eligibility: The scholarship annuities are reserved for students of the following types:

students winners of the 2016/2017, 2017/2018 and 2018/19 AA calls for which there is the status of refugees or beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, already enrolled at Italian universities and entitled to confirmation of the scholarship for the AA 2019/2020 against the achievement of the CFU indicated in article 4;

students with international protection (political asylum or subsidiary protection), in possession on the date of 15/07/2019 of a qualification suitable for enrollment in the first year of a degree course, master’s degree, single-cycle master’s degree or doctorate of research that obtain regular enrollment for the first time to the Italian university system for the AA 2019/2020.

Number of Awards: 100

Value of Program: The scholarships are awarded by the University, possibly in cooperation with the Regional Authorities for the Right to Study, and entitle students to exemption from taxes and university contributions, accommodation services (house and meal), access to university facilities (centers, libraries). Any additional services may be offered by third parties.

Duration of Scholarship: Duration of Program

How to Apply:

Both categories of candidates must apply from the web site, by July 15, 2019, midnight, Rome local time

Applicants are also required to attach the following documents:
1. Copy of an Italian identity document (ID);
2. Copy of the document certifying the international protection;
3. – Students referred to in art. 2, lett. a: list of exams taken;
– Students referred to in art. 2, lett. b: short CV (in Italian or English).

* Candidates are kindly requested to contact the University they wish to enroll BEFORE submitting their application, in order to verify the feasibility of enrollment. For information on University contact details, please write to [email protected]

Visit Program Webpage for details


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