“Go and Sin No More” – OLA SHS authorities to “Kpokeke Girls”

The six students of the OLA Girls’ Senior High School, Ho, who engaged in a boozing spree on campus immediately after writing their final WASSCE papers, have apologised to the school authorities for their misconduct.

This was after they appeared before a disciplinary committee of the school on July 1, this year.

In written statements, they admitted their guilt and pleaded for pardon from the school, Past OLA Girls’ Association, Ghana Education Service, PTA and the Roman Catholic Church.

Subsequently, the six were granted penance and asked to go and sin no more.
The girls treated themselves to a cocktail of hard liquor (kpokeke) and coca-cola, filmed themselves in the act, and later posted the clip on social media.

The headmistress, Madam Regina Coffie, who disclosed these to the Ghanaian Times on Monday, warned that the school would not tolerate any such conduct from any student in future.

“This is a Catholic school, and so, the Catholic culture of discipline must prevail on the campus at all times,” she said.

Madam Coffie said that the binge drinking took place on the blind side of the school authorities, on the second floor of one of the classroom blocks.

She did not disclose the names of the culprits, but said that their ages ranged between 17 and 18.

The headmistress affirmed that security had been intensified on the campus, following the incident.

Meanwhile, Madam Coffie has revealed some parents were found to have sent parcels with cellular phones concealed in them to their daughters in the school in recent time.

She made it clear that the school authorities would seize the gadgets and never return them to the students.

The Parents Teacher Association (PTA) chairman, Mr Divine Ferg Afedo, entreated parents to work hand-in-hand with the school to impart discipline in the students without compromise.

“We will not allow any such act of lawlessness to happen on the campus again,” he stated.


Story :Ghanaian Times

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