Ghana urged to review TVET to tackle high rate of unemployment

The Director of Research and Consultancy at Dominion University, Dr. Daniel Agbeko, has called for the review of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in the country, to help address socio-economic problems of unemployment.

He said the TVET has the ability to offer solutions to the present hardship and social challenges of the teeming youth who would be equipped with employable skills.

Dr Agbeko was speaking to journalists at the Graduate Students Association (GRASAG) maiden summit on the theme “Impacting Society through Leadership and Entrepreneurship.”

He urged the youth to identify problems and offer solutions to them, adding that “the youth in this country should be critical thinkers and innovative in the scheme of things.”

“The world is looking for people who would offer solutions to current challenges.”

Dr. Agbeko said white-collar jobs are no longer as lucrative thus it is time for graduates acquire additional knowledge on TVET in order to create employment opportunities.

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