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The Key Adviser on Policy, Leadership and Institutional Development, at the Transforming Teacher Education and Learning (T-TEL),Dr. Samuel Awuku has said that the ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ concept being promoted by government places a huge demand on Our Education System.
He made this revelation in a speech during the 2019 graduating class of Kibi Presbyterian College of Education at the school’s 12th Congregation ceremony  on Saturday 8th June, 2019.
Explaining his statement,Dr. Samuel Awuku said  Ghana beyond aid  clearly places a huge demand on our education system and uniquely on the Colleges of Education.
He said  It demands that our educational system serves as the pipeline for providing the needed human capital with the right attitude and mindset ready to make a meaningful contribution to the development our nation; Ghana.
Dr. Samuel Awuku added,that  teachers are needed to lead in developing the human capital required for the rapid development of our nation.  
”Education is an important element of Ghana beyond aid. Undeniably, Ghana beyond aid is meaningless and all its related initiative useless if the country does not have an educated and committed workforce. ” He said.
He added that the role of Colleges of Education is therefore crucial in ensuring that the needed workforce is appropriately educated and are of high moral standards and of good quality.
”By the Colleges of Education Act of 2012, Act 847, Colleges of Education are obligated to train students to acquire the necessary professional and academic competencies for teaching in pre-tertiary institutions and non-formal education institutions.” He said.
”Colleges of Education are obligated to expose students to modem and innovative techniques of teaching and learning in order to promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills in the classroom.” He indicated.
”By this, Colleges of Education are expected to develop true teachers for Ghana’s schools and by extension for nation development. Having true teachers in our schools across the country is a necessary condition for the development of our nation.” He said.

What is ‘Beyond Aid’?

According to Dr. Samuel Awuku,Beyond aid as a concept has been in the international development and policy arena for over twenty years but it is only now that Ghana has decided to make it a policy initiative and a household name for a good reason.

In his view, there is no better time than this for Ghana to be more upfront with her developmental initiatives.

He explained Ghana Beyond Aid in the following Ways;

Ghana beyond aid:

  • is a demonstration of our collective desire to place Ghana in the world’s boardroom of decision makers.

Ghana beyond aid

  • is Ghana’s agenda to accelerate her development through effective, efficient and most economical use of own resources to the extent that if other countries want to contribute or give us resources to use for our development, such resources and contributions will only be accepted on our terms.

Ghana beyond aid

  • encapsulate the position that it is only Ghana that can define its own destiny and call on Ghanaians wherever they are in the world to play their part in doing the right thing, living and demonstrating the true values of being a Ghanaian, taking charge to correct the vices in our societies, standing for the truth and nothing but the truth; being a responsible, honest and creative citizen. A Ghanaian who understands the true meaning and value of 6th March 1957 and its implication for the development of our beloved nation – Ghana.

Ghana beyond aid

  • is an agenda about the development of our dear nation from within – burying our political, religious, ethnic, social and economic differences so that together we can push the wheelbarrow of development with unity in diversity as a catalyst; as the propelling force that energizes and motivates us to persevere in the face of developmental challenges that we have. Unity in diversity becomes meaningless until every Ghanaian understand that what binds us together is more than those that divide us and therefore intentionally resolve to brighten the corner wherever we find ourselves.

Ghana beyond aid

  • is about self-help in developing key sectors of Ghana’s economy:
  • Our industrial sector needs accelerated development
  • Our agriculture sector needs accelerated development
  • Our service sector needs accelerated development
  • In fact, every sector need developing

Who are True Teachers?

According to Dr. Samuel Awuku,True teachers worth more than gold. True teachers hold the key to the development of any nation.

True teachers are responsible for developing young and curious minds into the doctors, the nurses, the engineers, the lawyers, the politicians, the clergy, the accountants, the computer scientists the teachers – the human capital we need of our nation.

”The teacher develops the teacher. The teacher is responsible for developing the human capital of any nation and for that matter all the other capitals such as the social, cultural, political and economic capitals. A nation’s development is largely dependent on the quantum and quality of available capitals – the available knowledge, skills and their relevance to the needs and the developmental agenda of our country, Ghana.  The Colleges of Education, as gatekeepers to the door of national workforce development need to be deliberate about preparing true teachers for Ghana’s schools.” He said.


Source: EducationGhana.net

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