“Effective Communication of Policies” biggest Problem facing Ghana’s Education Sector – Ellis Ferdinand

Education Blogger and Journalist, Ellis Ferdinand has indicated that the major problems facing Ghana’s Education Sector have to do with the ‘’Effective Communication of Policies’’ and an ‘’Understanding of the Policies by the implementors.’’

Ellis Ferdinand lamented that Educational Policies that have been introduced by the policy makers were not being well explained to the teachers, Learners and the General Public.

A situation he described as hindering the very essence of their existence.

Ferdinand made these revelations at the 24th Annual General Assembly of the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG) at Fosu College of Education over the weekend.

Speaking on the Theme “Rising to the New Standards In Teacher Education” ,Ferdinand indicated that the Teachers who are expected to implement such new policies do not themselves understand the Policies.

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He called on the policy makers to effectively communicate the policies to the better understanding of the implementors of the policies.

Ferdinand also called on the implementors of the policies to take the pain to read further concerning any new policies developed by the policy makers to be able to implement them effectively.

The New Reforms in Teacher Education

Speaking on the New Reforms in Teacher Education that have been introduced lately, Ferdinand spoke on the National Teachers’ Standards.

According to him, the National Teachers’ Standard (NTS) set out the minimum values, skills, knowledge and attributes required of a good teacher.

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He stated that it was prudent for Teacher Trainees and Teachers themselves to read the National Teaching Standards very well to be able to rise to the new standards.

He indicated that core areas of the NTS are Professional Values an Attitudes, Professional Knowledge and Professional Practice.

He encouraged Teachers and Trainees to take the components of the National Teachers’ Standards seriously since that would be their standard that shall be used to measure the competency level of teachers in the future.

He advised Trainees to take part in workshops, In-Service Trainings, write Education Related Articles among others, to be able to prepare their minds and skills for the teaching profession.

Ferdinand in his speech, spoke about other aspects of the new reforms including the CONCERTING OF Colleges of Education into Fully Fledged Universities, the Introduction of the Licensure Examination, National Service Scheme, and Four-Year Bachelor Degree Programs among others.

TTAG and National Politics

Ferdinand in his speech, cautioned the delegates to desist from the introduction of National Politics into the Association.

Arguing his reasons, Ferdinand made reference to the current state of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) which was due to political interference.

He emphasized that TTAG was the Best Student Association in Ghana and so should leave up to the expected standards for other Unions to emulate.

He also took the opportunity to speak on the issue of some trainees supposedly sabotaging the Association instead of protecting the interest of it’s very existence.

He cautioned trainees to be careful how they communicate on matters affecting the association, and to make sure they defend the association at all cost.



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