Educlass: Tips for Polite and Diplomatic Language

In our everyday conversations, the Leaners, Teachers, Parents and the general public often use words that are considered not to be politely used.

Today we shall be looking at some very possible ways words can be used politely.

  1. Do not Say ” That’s a bad idea…’  Say ” I’m not so sure that’s a good idea…”
  2. Do not say  ” Can I Smoke Here?….  Say  ” Would you mind if i smoked here? . …”
  3. Do not say ..’‘ Come here!…”      Say. ” Could you come here?...”
  4. Do not say ..” This report is awful”   Say. ” This report is not really up to standard’
  5. Do not say..”No!” Say ‘‘No thanks!


  1. Do not say  ”Can I borrow your pencil?..  Say  ” Could I borrow your pencil?
  2. Do not say  ” Leave me alone!’‘  Say  ” Sorry, I’m a bit busy right now.’

  3. Do not say  ” It’s hot open the window!” Say. ” Do you mind if I open the window?

  4. Do not say    ”Tell me when you are available”   Say .. ” Let me know when you’re available”

  5. Do not say  ” I hate this colour’‘ Say  ” I’m not too fond of this colour”


  1. Do not say   ‘‘ Your work isn’t good” Say  ” I’m not quite satisfied with this work”
  2. Do not say   ” I want a tin tomato” Say ” I’d like a Tin tomato’


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Facilitator: Ellis Ferdinand



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