CPD Points: Training on Critical thinking in Self-Directed Study with EmoEles opened for Teachers

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A/R: GES, NTC engage 3 Districts to develop PLC Session Materials

Ferdinand| EducationGhana| October 3| CPD Points: Training on Critical thinking in Self-Directed Study with EmoEles opened for Teachers

Critical Thinking in Self-Directed Study with EmoEles: A Pedagogical Perspective (under Innovations in Pedagogy, Self-Directed Study, and Reflective Practice)

This professional development training in Critical Thinking in Self-Directed Study with EmoEles: A Pedagogical Perspective, introduced by Cledor Education is one of four (4) courses in a portfolio titled INNOVATIONS IN PEDAGOGY, SELF-DIRECTED STUDY, AND REFLECTIVE PRACTICE.

The portfolio aims to provide participants with the knowledge of current and emerging developments in self-directed study, pedagogy, time management, and reflective practice; and how these impact learning and achievement.


This course will specifically equip in-service teachers with the skills to integrate EmoEles, a self-directed learning system that stimulates critical thinking, as a pedagogy option for effective teaching and learning in their classrooms.

The pedagogical approach of this training is based on interactive and experiential learning, whereby the participants will actively learn by interacting among themselves and with facilitators through multiple discussion boards before, during, and after the sessions; and use a hands-on approach to learning that goes beyond the day of training;

informed by their pre and post-training knowledge, experience, and reflections. These are aimed at shaping and sharpening the knowledge, competencies, and practice of participants in their profession, and enhancing their skill in the subject matter.


Participants will accumulate hands-on learning through a series of blended (onsite and online) activities aided by an optionally assigned Learning Management System (LMS), including discussion boards, onsite workshops with video demonstrations, case studies, project reports, presentations, etc.. over an estimated six-hour period (onsite).


The LMS will be assigned upon request. Participants will acquire key insights into a self-directed study that they can actively apply in their schools, classrooms, and personal development by the end of the course.


Assessment Method

The methods of assessment will, among others, emphasize participants’ hands-on application of what they have learned to improve teaching and learning in their schools and classrooms.

The LMS, once assigned, will be used by each participant to manage all their course activities. This includes registration, course materials in multimedia, quizzes, access to assigned program facilitators and client service staff, zoom meetings,

discussion boards/forums, end-of-program assessments, automatic generation of program certificates upon successful completion, and a record and status of all professional development (PD) programs attended at Cledor Education throughout the teacher’s career.


The training will focus on functional outcomes for teachers such as being able to;

(i)                equip and systematically supervise their students to apply critical thinking in their self-directed study of any standard textbook or learning medium e.g. helping students apply the EmoEles self-directed learning system as a means to discourage their tendencies to use rote methods in the learning of their subjects;


(ii)              use EmoEles as a time-saving learner-centred pedagogy option e.g. equip students to use the EmoEles self-directed learning system to self-study their topics ahead of their class lessons and share their learning during the class while the teacher relates as a guide and facilitator.



Please note that delivery will be mainly onsite with an optional LMS i.e. through workshop activities will be hosted onsite/in-person, course materials, specific activities, assessments, and certificates will also be accessible online in the LMS upon request.

The final assessment will be accessible via a Google form/Quiz.

Registration Fee

A small (discounted) fee of GH¢75 per participant will be required for this course registration.

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A dedicated support team will be on standby to assist persons who would request an LMS portal.

Registrants will be assigned to groups on a first-paid-first-served basis.

To effect your payment for the course, please tap or click on the link assigned to your district:

Target Audience

This workshop is open to all teachers across the country who can make it to any of the venues.

This include; Newly Qualified NABCO, NABCO, Private, Newly Qualified NSS, Unemployed, Public

Superintendent I, Senior Superintendent I / Rank 2, Assistant Director 1 / Rank 5, Newly Qualified / Service Personnel, Deputy Director / Rank 6, Deputy Director General, Director II / Rank 7, Director I / Rank 8, Senior Superintendent II / Rank 1, Superintendent II, Assistant Director 2 / Rank 4, Principal Superintendent / Rank 3, Director General

Teacher in administration, Teacher in the classroom

Hands-on, Participatory, Tutorials, Demonstrations, Discussion groups, Lectures


Learning objectives

1.  Apply critical thinking in the design of a solution to a problem. (NTECF Pillars 1, 3; NTS 1b,e,g; 3e)

2. Discuss how EmoEles may be used as a pedagogy option in classrooms. (NTECF Pillars 1, 3; NTS 1a,b,e; 3e)

3. Demonstrate the application of EmoEles in pedagogy. (NTECF Pillars 1, 3; NTS 1a,b,e; 2b,c,e; 3e,f,g,k,l,m,n)

4. Using a study notebook, demonstrate EmoEles in the self-directed study of a standard textbook. (NTECF Pillars 1,3; NTS 1b,e; 3e)

5. Demonstrate the supervision of self-directed study with EmoEles. (NTECF Pillars 1 ,3; NTS 1a,b,e; 2b,c,e; 3e,f,k,l,m,n)

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Introduction to EmoEles

Critical Thinking in Self-directed Study with EmoEles

Types and Methods of Studying

Pedagogic Applications

Summative Assessments



Francis Mensah-Okyere
[email protected]
7 Akweiman Close, Accra



The maximum CPD points that can be given to teachers for this course. Actual points depend on the teachers’ performance in the program



Gomoa Potsin

Blended, GOMOA EAST DISTRICT  |  View on map

Tuesday, 4th October 2022 at 9:00 AM for 6 hours


Blended, ASANTE-AKIM SOUTH DISTRICT  |  View on map

Friday, 7th October 2022 at 9:00 AM for 6 hours

Awutu Breku

Blended, Pentecost Church, Awutu Breku, AWUTU SENYA DISTRICT  |  View on map

Wednesday, 5th October 2022 at 9:00 AM for 6 hours



To effect your payment for the course, please tap or click on the link assigned to your district:

Awutu Senya District – https://bit.ly/3zHH6pV

Asante Akim South Municipal  https://bit.ly/3PN7mVi

Gomoa East District – https://bit.ly/3e4qvEh 

Please ensure that the email address and telephone number that you will use to effect your payment are the same as the ones you have in this teacher portal (TPG) so that we can identify you in the TPG and assign your points when you complete the course.

You may also copy and paste the links in your browser to access the payment page.

The four (4) courses in the indicated portfolio are structured as follows:

1. Critical Thinking in Self-Directed Study with EmoEles: A Pedagogical Perspective.

2. Mnemonic Devices in Teaching and Learning.

3. Comprehensive Time Management Skills for Effective Study.

4. Writing Reflective Logs with EmoEles.

Kindly join our telegram group at https://t.me/+xwYBFWpIqpszMjQ0 to receive updates about this course.



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