Cluster-Based System Initiative Introduced for the 2022/2023 SHS Placement

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Ferdinand|EducationGhanaOctober 28| Cluster-Based System Initiative Introduced for the 2022/2023 SHS Placement

The Computerized School Selection and Placement System which is mandated to place qualified BECE Candidates in various senior high schools since 2005, has exclusively initiated a new system placement mechanism that is really going to curb the various challenges experienced last year.
In an exclusive interview on Joy Learning’s InFocus segment, the national coordinator for CSSPS Mr Mark Sasu Mensah unveiled that,
this year’s 552,228 candidates who registered for the BECE will be successfully placed into 912 schools including TVET, only if they qualify.

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With an increase in last year’s 726 schools, CSSPS is ready to place every qualified candidate according to how he/she has carefully chosen the schools and the program to be offered not forgetting the results performance.
He emphasized that public sensitization has begun already to help parents and their wards on the selection of schools and programs which starts on 31st October to 18th November 2022
Throwing more light on the Cluster-Based System Initiative, the National Coordinator unveiled that,
some of the last year’s challenges made the Minister of Education Hon Dr Yaw Adutwum come up with the (CBS) after a challenge of 3000 candidates with the grade between 6-15 didn’t get any of their 6 school choices while there were vacancies.
He emphasized that Cluster Based System will be an effective solution to this and it’s an optional choice during the school selection but if the candidate chooses yes,
it will apply in case he/she didn’t get a school from the first choice.
For instance, when a candidate chooses School “A” as the first choice and he/she has chosen Yes for the Cluster-Based System (CBS),
the candidate has the choice to select Cluster 1, Cluster 2, Cluster 3 etc. In Cluster 1, there are four (4) schools to choose from. Cluster 2 has seven (7) schools etc.
so if a candidate doesn’t get his/her first choice any of the selected clusters will be given.
1) Sunyani SHS
2) St James SHS
3) Brekum SHS
4) Our Lady of Providence Girls
Mr Mark added that the Placement process is done by software but not manually and we use the Bio-data, School or Program Choice, Results, and the vacancies declared by the senior high schools to place a candidate.
This year, each candidate will also choose from the following categories…
Category A – only 1 school within 86 schools
Category B – maximum of 2 schools within 264 schools
Category C – maximum of 5 schools within 562 schools
Category D – compulsory selection within 120 Day/Boarding schools.
He also added that four categories of candidates are usually placed in the various senior high school which is Regular candidates (BECE),
Private candidates (BECE), Foreign Students and Re-entry Students.
CSSPS National Coordinator Mr Mark Sasu Mensah finally stated that no matter where a candidate is placed, he/she must go with joy and brighten the corner.

Download the Following:

2022 School Selection Register for BECE Graduates

2022 CSSPS School Selection Form


CSSPS 2022: Appendix 1 SHS Selection List


CSSPS 2022: Appendix 3 SHS Selection List

CSSPS 2022: Category A Senior High Schools for the 2022 School Selection


CSSPS 2022: Category B Senior High Schools for the 2022 School Selection


CSSPS 2022: Cluster of Category B Schools for the 2022 SHS Selection


CSSPS 2022: Category C Schools for the 2022 SHS Selection


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