Britain’s Brilliant Family: The Record-Breaking Imafidons are the World’s Smartest Family

Britain's Brilliant Family: The Record-Breaking Imafidons are the World's Smartest Family

Ferdinand EducationGhana | June 08 | Britain’s Brilliant Family: The Record-Breaking Imafidons are the World’s Smartest Family


Discover the remarkable Imafidon family, the smartest family in Britain, known for their record-breaking academic and athletic achievements.

The World’s Smartest Family

The Imafidon family, originally from Nigeria, holds the title of the smartest family in Britain, according to the Guinness Book of Records. Renowned for their exceptional intelligence and remarkable achievements, the Imafidons are a source of pride in England, though they remain under-publicized in Africa.

Record-Setting Prodigies

Among the family members are the extraordinary twins, Peter and Paula Imafidon, who obtained the equivalent of the baccalaureate at just 9 years old. They became the youngest individuals to attend Cambridge University, breaking mathematics records and excelling as national sports champions.

Trailblazing Siblings

Before the twins, their elder sister Cristina Imafidon set the pace by achieving her baccalaureate at 11 years old. By 14, she was pursuing a Master’s degree in mathematics and statistics. Cristina now serves as a doctor of mathematics at the University of Oxford.

More Prodigious Achievements

Samantha Imafidon, another member of this extraordinary family, was already in the 3rd grade by age 8 and has gone on to become the UK’s national 100-meter champion.

A Legacy of Excellence

Their father, a celebrated professor at Oxford University, has been a close friend for over 33 years and proudly shares his family’s Itsekiri heritage. The Imafidon children’s record-breaking accomplishments continue to inspire and amaze.

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