*MY NAME IS MICHAEL DZADEY SITSOFE* I was the first general Secretary of ATAG, and sign for this union to be registered at the Labour Department. But latter change to the Vice Chairman position by the ATAG Chairman due to reasons best known to him.

*I affirmed before man and God that all that is following this affirmation is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So help me God.*
If what I am going to say write now have some iota of lie in it, it can be screenshot by anyone and to be use against me even in the court of law. And I will be ready to face any charge of perjury or impersonation. Thanks.

Isaac Ofori was the brain behind the formation. To the best of my knowledge I was the first person he convinced to help him form the union. I was not interested but on the second thought I bought into the idea because I know we need to fight for the grassroots teachers just as we fought for the V3mapp Isaac ofori knew my capabilities, that I am good at convincing people and good at telling the truth to the people. Because he saw how my demonstration was successful in the Volta Region.
I then convinced Owusu baffour Daniel to join and Osei Tutu Emmanuel and Albert Dadson . We came together to form the union. We convinced others on the V3mapp page to join. Some were insulting us, But some joined. By democracy we vote for the name ATAG and colours. Mr Adevu bright (Hero) was the one that design the logo for ATAG.
I drafted the constitution. On the ATAG page we always raise money for the registration, transportation, letters for Isaac to go for the round since some were at Kumasi, Volta etc and that he was closer to Accra. We filled the form from first Director to the fifth Directors. This includes
1. Mr Isaac Ofori
2. Mr Dzadey Michael Sitsofe
3. Mr. Albert Amoah Dadson
4. Mr. Owusu Baffour Daniel
5. Mr. Osei Tutu Emmanuel
All the above names comprises the name of the people that registered ATAG.
We made Isaac Ofori the Chairman on his request and I was the general Secretary.
These 5 Directors signed at the Labour Department and I signed as the General Secretary.
Labour certificate was given to us.
After that there was some problem between Isaac Ofori and Owusu and I did everything to solve it but to no avail. So Owusu was removed from all the pages. Since then issues upon issues started coming.
Mr Isaac Ofori became so powerful. And any critism against him was countered with either removal from all ATAG pages or being branded as enemy. We were all holding interim position. I think he felt someone will take his position.
There is supposed to be board of Directors, Disciplinary commitee and other committees that will be handling intricate issues but he refuse to let us form them. All this became a serious problems. I quite remember I was removed from all pages because he attacked me on ATAG page and I responded accordingly.
There is a serious problem. And I can’t seat down and look whiles things get out of hand. All monies being deducted are not for us. They are for the grassroot teachers. With the hope that their lives will get better along the line.
Decision were taken at my blind side (as a vice chair)
Serious Decisions.
They even amended the constitution themselves. Eg. Adding that the interim chair will be in office for 10 years before election will be conducted. And that the chairman can contract loan, asset on behalf of the union. There was nothing like that in the constitution neither was there any amendment of such nature.
People kept complaining to me every now and then, I have been turning deaf ear to them till I realized. If one day things become worse and members became victims I might also be held responsible for negligence, irresponsible, mismanagement, conniving and condoning, because I was also a Director.
I tried every thing to draw the attention of Isaac and Albert but to no avail. There is nothing I can do. I personally I had wanted to leave the union behind but on the second thought, I thought it wise to try solving the problem and doing the right thing. I don’t hate any body but I know they hate me because I wanted the right thing to be done. Now let me tell everyone here. If you think I am lying stand today, criticise wrong in ATAG. And I can promises you that, you will be expel from the union or the Pages. Problems are never solved with hatred neither is it by silence.
I will agree with anyone who feel some of our actions are not right. Sure we are all not perfect but I can confidently same that most of are actions are just on point. If not today the result will be clear for all to see.
I don’t hate Ofori and Albert as brothers they taught me some things in live I will never forget. However I will not feel shy to say that most of their conduct will affect the union if not today then in the next future.

*All that I said here are the truth and God my witness*

Dzadey Michael Sitsofe



Call me for any clarification any time you like. And ask me any question that you like. I will answer with truth and nothing but the truth.

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