2022: General Arts Courses being offered at the SHS in Ghana


EducationGhana| January 26|General Arts Courses being offered in the Senior High Schools in Ghana: Ghanaian Senior High and Technical Schools offer some specific and general courses that are meant to progress the students into any Tertiary Institution in and out of Ghana.

Some of the very programmes being offered at the Senior High and Technical Schools include the following: Business, Science, Home Economics etc.

This article shall give an insight into the General Arts programme, its rational and specific courses or subjects being taught under it.

Some of the courses or subjects being taught under the General Arts programme are;

  1. Literature in English

Literature helps in our understanding of human nature and how we respond to the challenges of life given different cultural backgrounds.

The subject provides a variety of responses to human challenges and therefore helps to increase our appreciation of life through the literary texts we read in different genres, periods and cultures.

The knowledge and experiences gained in the study of the subject help us deal with our own varied human problems.

Literature thus promotes in the individual, the ability to appreciate any literary work set in prose, drama and poetry.

The subject encourages the desire and love for reading for pleasure and knowledge. This love for reading directly leads to the enhancement of our competency in the use of the English language.

Download the September 2010 SHS Literature in English Syllabus HERE


2. French 

The pace of development in the present world makes it important that we acquire more knowledge in a variety of subjects and also develop the capacity to communicate in more than one language.

Some major international languages at the moment are English, French and Spanish. Being able to communicate in at least two of these languages has strategic importance in such areas as Commerce and Industry, Science and Technology, Telecommunication, Diplomacy, Management, etc.

Besides, the current trend towards international co-operation, peaceful co-existence and technology transfer, necessitates that a person be able to communicate in a language that is understood by his/her neighbours.

Given the geographical position of Ghana, surrounded as it is by French speaking countries, the ability of the Ghanaian to communicate effectively in French will promote, as well as strengthen, socio-economic and political interaction with our neighbours in particular and
indeed with other French-speaking countries in general.

Download the September 2010 SHS French Syllabus HERE


3. Economics

People, as well as, countries have the need for more and better quality goods and services such as better food, clothing, housing, schooling, hospital care and entertainment.

These goods and services can only be obtained by the use of resources such as Land, Labour, Capital and Entrepreneurship which are scarce relative to the demand for them, and which, therefore, need to be managed.

Economics, indeed, is the study of the management of relatively scarce resources for
satisfying the needs of individuals, organizations and countries.

As a practical subject, Economics helps to provide an effective framework for individuals, firms and governments to identify their basic economic problems and make necessary decisions and policies for raising the living standards of people and societies.

Indeed, the study of Economics helps the individual to develop skills for managing his/her economic resources efficiently both in the family and in business. The course further equips students with the basic tools required for further studies.

Download the September 2010 SHS ECONOMICS Syllabus HERE


4. Geography

Geography studies the inter-relationships of the individual, physical and social environments both in spatial (relating to geographic space) and temporal (historical
times) terms.

Issues of the environment are becoming increasingly important and geography, which studies the environment as a system, can and does provide solutions to environmental problems.

Geography thus has a vital contribution to make towards the purpose of education, i.e., solving societal problems and further providing the critical foundation knowledge in the development of Ghana.

The value of geography lies in helping people to understand and adapt to the dynamics of the environment in which they live.

The study of geography therefore enables us to understand geographic facts without which it becomes impossible to acquire intimate knowledge of the environment we have to utilize toward our development.

Download the September 2010 SHS GEOGRAPHY Syllabus HERE


5. History

History is the study of the past to help us understand our present situation so that we can build a better future.

At the Senior High School (SHS) level, History should not be seen as memorizing historical facts and dates but should be presented in a way that shows its relevance for the development of the Nation.

For example, through the achievements of others in the past, the student can become patriotic, be able to know` and take pride in his or her own heritage and be motivated to build on it.

Studying History also promotes national harmony and unity as it enables the students to learn about, appreciate and respect the cultures of other ethnic groups besides their own.

This syllabus is designed in line with the New Educational Reforms which seek to make education accessible to all and relevant to the needs of the Ghanaian Society.

It offers an opportunity for the student to appreciate the achievements of his/her ancestors and thus develop pride in being a Ghanaian and an African.

It hence, challenges the student to show loyalty to the country and always seek to build on what their ancestors have achieved.

Download the September 2010 SHS HISTORY Syllabus HERE


6. Government

Government refers to the study of the dynamics of politics, the structure of the state and its processes and the relationship between the ruler and the ruled.

The subject helps citizens to understand and participate meaningfully in the government and politics of the state. In modern times, government affects the life of every
citizen in diverse but significant ways.

Citizens, therefore, need the type of education that will encourage them for popular participation in government and politics to be able to influence government decision-making toward promoting the collective well-being of society.

To achieve this, the student requires a form of education that will raise the level of their political consciousness and civic responsibility.

Such an education should include knowledge of the nature of government and politics in general, as well as an understanding of the past and present forms and processes of government and politics of this country.

Download the September 2010 SHS GOVERNMENT Syllabus HERE


7. Christian Religious Studies (CRS)

Religious books, particularly the Bible are widely used all over the world. People read and use them in diverse ways globally including Ghanaians.

The rationale for studying this program is to help students understand the role the Bible plays in the lives of people as a source of guidance, direction and counsel on various problems facing the world today.

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Consequently, Christian Religious Studies based on the Holy Bible has a framework for handling a good deal of teaching about personal and social values that are essential for individual and societal growth and development.

Therefore, the understanding, appropriation, and actualization of biblical ideals, virtues and concepts in the lives of the students are the prime motives of this program.

Download the September 2010 SHS CRS Syllabus HERE


8. Islamic Religious Studies

It is undeniable that the problems that face humankind today are varied and complex. For this reason, many citizens turn to the Qur‟an and Hadith for consolation and inspiration in times of distress.

Indeed, experience has shown that citizens who read and relate to the Qur‟an and Hadith find that their lives become more meaningful, rewarding and worth living.

The Qur‟oran apart from being a source of wisdom and inspiration also offers a critical reflection of Islamic moral values.

Consequently, Islamic Religious Studies based on the teaching of the Glorious Qur‟an and Hadith as well as the shining examples of the Prophet is, without doubt, the best possible framework for a good deal of teaching and learning about Allah and moral values which are essential for both individual growth and national development.

Islamic Religious Studies will also help the student know his/her Creator, develop correct attitude towards life, work with hope and confidence and be law abiding and by definition a good citizen.

Download the September 2010 SHS ISLAMIC RELIGIOUS STUDIES Syllabus HERE


9 West African Traditional Religious Studies (WATRS)

The traditional African is religious. Religion permeates the whole of life from the cradle to the grave. The main forces that inspire the African to do good and avoid evil are the fear and hope instilled by religion.

However, the prevailing attitude in Africa today tends to depict a society that divorces religion from aspects of human existence.

Nonetheless, traditional religion still forms part and parcel of the vital life of the Africans.

Thus any society that overlooks its religious heritage is in danger of creating a vacuum that may be filled by unacceptable foreign religious beliefs and practices.

The rationale for studying this program, therefore, is to assist students to understand and appreciate the indigenous religious beliefs and ethical practices that operate in West Africa; and also to create awareness, critical analysis and application of the main traditional West African religious beliefs and practices in a way as to promote peaceful co-existence among different ethnic societies.



10. Music

Music permeates the way of life of all cultures. It is an art that is valued and appreciated in every society.

Music is performed on various occasions and during ceremonies connected with events such as birth, puberty, marriage, festivals, religious rites and death.

Music continues to play a significant role in society by providing pleasure and enjoyment. It is used for therapeutic purposes in all cultures and provides an outlet for creative expression.

Music Education has great potential for job creation. The syllabus, therefore, emphasises deeper knowledge of the subject through the study of the historical,

theoretical, creative and practical aspects of music. The education offered in the subject should equip students with the knowledge and practical skills that will enable them to pursue further education in music at the tertiary level where they could prepare themselves to enter the job market as self-employed musicians, (arrangers, composers), dancers, studio engineers, instrument makers, disc jockeys, etc.

Download the September 2010 SHS MUSIC Syllabus HERE

11. Ghanaian Languages

The Ghanaian Languages studies at the SHS include Akwapem Twi, Asante Twi, Fante, Ewe, Ga, Ga-Adangme, Dagaare, Dagarti, Gonja, Kasem, Nzema,


Download the September 2010 SHS Akwapem Twi Syllabus HERE

Download the September 2010 SHS AsanteTwi Syllabus HERE

Download the September 2010 SHS Dagaare Syllabus HERE

Download the September 2010 SHS Dagbani Syllabus HERE

Download the September 2010 SHS Dangme Syllabus HERE

Download the September 2010 SHS EWE Syllabus HERE

Download the September 2010 SHS Ga Syllabus HERE

Download the September 2010 SHS Ga Syllabus HERE

Download the September 2010 SHS Kasem Syllabus HERE

Download the September 2010 SHS Fante Syllabus HERE

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Download the 2022 basic and shs Academic Calendar HERE

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