2022: Approved Content of the Letter of Appointment of Teachers in the GES

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The Collective Agreement is a document which contains the accepted conditions of service of workers in the Ghana Education Service (GES) as agreed upon by their Union leadership and representatives of the GES at a meeting organized for such purpose.

In August 2020, both parties met to decide on an agreement after the 2009 Collective Agreement expired several years without being renewed.

The Collective Agreement outlined the Content of the Letter of Appointment of teachers recruited into the Ghana Education Service (GES).

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According to the agreement, Every teacher on the first appointment to the GES shall receive a letter of appointment.

The appointment letter should indicate the following:

i. Reference Number
ii. Date of Issue of the Letter
iii. Appointing Authority
iv. Position to be appointed to
v. Effective Date of Appointment
vi. Probationary period

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vii. Summary of Duties and Responsibilities (Attached detailed Job
viii. Salary Scale attached to the Post and Salary Point of entry
ix. Other Conditions attached to the Position
x. Benefits and Entitlements
xi. Notification for Exit

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xii. Social Security contribution where applicable
xiii. Reference to the Relevant Rules and Regulations of the Institution
xiv. Medical Report
xv. Checks (Security, previous place of work and referees)
xvi. Period for Acceptance of the Offer of Employment

In addition to the above, the Employer shall provide an employee with a handbook stating the job descriptions or duties, rights and responsibilities, disciplinary procedures and sanctions.

In the case of classroom teachers, appointments for a new school term other than temporary appointments shall be made effective from the first day of the month in which the school term begins.

An employee shall receive full pay for the month provided that he reports for duty on the day on which he has been instructed to do so. (If he is absent without reasonable cause on the day on which he has been instructed to report, he shall be paid as from the date he assumes duty).

In the case of other appointments including those of teachers made during the course of the term and temporary appointments, the effective date shall be the date of assumption of duty.

 No person who has been convicted of a criminal offence shall be re-engaged in the Service.

Induction/Job Orientation

Induction/job orientation shall be provided to introduce new employees to the Service; its office facilities, structure, policies, rules, procedures, work ethics and job descriptions. It is also meant to enable the employee to have a sense of belongingness to the Service and to
settle down as quickly as possible


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